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WTB - serious. Primitive archers. Will pay freight

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In a series of awfulness I've lost my three much adored primitive archers today (one is still hanging in but may not make it).

I don't want my tank without these guys so if you have one/some/ can get me some/ know a guy, please let me know. More than happy to pay a fair price and freight if needed.

Already have contacted aqua green. 809cc6feb7d788dbec3ee4e08e49070e.jpg

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This is really off topic, but I just clicked on your etsy link and I BOUGHT FROM YOU! Last year, around Christmas, I bought a betta key chain from you (long before I discovered QLDAF). I still use your amazing key chain every single day... purple plakat betta to match my wallet and bag. What are the odds?!

I am very sorry for your loss also, unfortunately I am not in a position to help as I don't know anyone/don't have any! I'm really sorry.

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