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Anyone know why I cannot get Indian Almond leaves any more from the LFS

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Been to 2 LFS in the last two days hunting IALs. Neither of them stock them anymore. One place which is seriously into shrimp said "That they don't get much call for them". How can that be with heaps of shrimp customers ? What's going on ?

Anyway I know AOA sells the tea bags, but I like the look of the leaves in my tank. Anyone know who sells them at the moment ?

Also looking for good leaf litter to add to my Rhad tanks to give it that authentic riparian look. Anyone know what local leaves are safe for fish? I know that Eucalypt leaves are bad news for fish, but a wonder if Lemon myrtle leaves or Mellaluca leaves might be ok? Anyone had any experience with native leaves in an aquarium ?

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[MENTION=3726]grubby[/MENTION] I have a shopping bag with 50-60 ial you can have if your around this way.

They are not flat packed just dried naturally.

Let me know if you want them.

Cheers mick

Thanks Mick, I have to go down your way to visit an old mate who is the dude responsible for creating marbled Fennies on Sunday. I might arranged something with you . I'll PM you if it goes ahead. Thanks,


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