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I have 500 grammes of frozen barra fillets I wish to trade for stuff

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post-3726-14711633967008_thumb.jpgCondition: New

Price: bater

Willing To Ship: No

location: Forest Lake

Ok guys. Silly me, I bought a bag of Ocean Chef IQF wild caught barra fillets from Woolies the other day for $28, 8 to a bag. Cooked three up for dinner and I didn't like the taste. I like my Barra salt water sourced and these were clearly Freshwater caught although they claim to be saltwater. However..... they would make excellent food for cichlids, large catfish or large natives. Similar in the way people feed Basa to fish. Like I mentioned they are IQF (indvidually quick frozen) so you can use them one by one.

What I am proposing is that I trade these with someone on here. I am chasing Indian Almond leaves, Java Moss or other plants. So let me know what you want to trade for the barra and we will go from there. Don't care what it is, lets haggle.



Show me what you have to trade.

I'll run this ad for a week or until I find something I like. Then the cat's will score the barra for dinner.


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