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Well after lurking for the past few days I thought should introduce myself to the forum and post in the welcome room.

I have kept aquariums for years however with my work moving all over this planet of ours it has been difficult to keep them long term. Always seems like I am just setting them up when I have to move again.

This time however it is different I have been moved to Brisbane where I have bought a house so this time it will be a lot more difficult if work decide to move me on. :cool:

Whilst I was living in Adelaide for a number of years I was a member of the South Australian Aquarium Society and an offshoot of that the South Australian Fish Breeders. Both of these groups were a fantastic fount of information and I am hoping to join a similar group here, so if anyone can recommend one to me it would be greatly appreciated.

Finally onto tanks and associated fish.

  • Currently I have a resident Betta Splendens who resides in a nano tank with some nano anubis.

  • A 2 foot tank which is currently empty but will shortly be set up, I am thinking natives.

  • A Fluval Ebi 30x30x40 which is currently empty, no idea at this stage

  • And last but not least an aqua one mini reef 90 which is on order and should be with me in September.

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Welcome to the forum! It sounds as if you have a lot of experience fish keeping, it must be such a relief to be able to settle down and get your tanks up and running after moving all over the place! The AquaOne Mini Reefs look really awesome... my partner and I have been looking at getting one down the track. Really neat set up!

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Yeah I was quite amazed when I saw one in my LFS the other day. Couldn't stop thinking about it so bit the bullet and decided to order it. Really looking forward to getting it home and setting it up.

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