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Chris S

Seeding a new filter

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There are so many variables that decide this question that its almost impossible to answer with a simple number.

Ok so firstly what is the water temp?

Secondly what microbe species are you using for bio filtration?

Thirdly what is their population doubling time?

Fourthly are you feeding the required nutrients to promote this growth?

Fifthly what contaminant species are present that are competing for nutrients.... eg algaes or water column bacteria?

Sixthly what growth supresant chemicals are present in water and what levels..... eg antibacterials produced by slime molds or aerosoled formaldehyde from old furniture....... ?

And thats just a few considerations.

Its best to just stress test it by adding filter to a tank with ammonia and then testing water for ammonia/nitrite later to see if it can do the duty.

TL:DR -> 2 weeks

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