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HELP - Is my little guy sick, stressed or has bad attitude??? :(

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I recently got my first Betta for a couple of years. He has character and spunk but seems to loose his motivation very quickly and he doesn't really seem to be eating his food. I can't work out if he is sick or if he is depressed.

He seems to be spending a lot of time under his driftwood. When he sees me he gets excited and does a little happy hello dance but after a minute or two of attention goes back down under the driftwood and either watches me or turns his back to me.

When it comes to feeding time he gets excited but spits his food out and swims away. He hasn't really 'swallowed' any of his food for a few days (yes I clean out the uneaten stuff).

i put a mirror up for him for stimulation today and he flared beautifully a few times but then started swimming in the corner looking at the mirror and started to visibly appear stressed which I've never seen him, or another betta do before.

im really not sure what's happening.

Here's a couple of pics I took today.









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