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Totally my fav brittle sea star!!

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These guys are so cool because way back when I kept them, in the aquarium when lights are on, they wrap around anything, heater leads, power head leads, any thing, including your finger if you live it still long enough, I did that once, lol.

I made up fake urchins out or acrylic rods in resin balls, they still got eaten.

They will always get eaten eventually, maybe not now the top tank i made a harmless tank, maybe one day again, i just like seeing them in all there varied colours, the tiger patterned ones are the best but rarely see them.

I see them on fan corals and whip corals as well.

The endemic grasping astrobrachion adherens brittle sea star, very cool, oh and a bit weird, lol, they are so harmless its pathetic!


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Hay liquidg correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this yellow form harmfull to reef tanks?

I don’t know what reports say, I have had these types many times with no issues, but they do get eaten that’s all I know on the grasping variations.

They are quite rare and only found near east aus out to NZ and a little north but not near the equator or above it or out of the western pacific.

There are the predators of green megas, the dark and the yellow in the monster range but not these little species.

That being said, all brittles will hunt, just when they can move fast due to warmer waters and if they are large, they are dangerous.

I have seen them do horrible things!!!!

This is interesting, but not surprising!

The Echinoblog: Giant Green Brittle Stars of DEATH!! When they ATTACK--AGAIN!!

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The mega is sort of the only really large common species and most don't realize that they are not just one colour variant, there are heaps.

Though only have brittles i have put in, as i do not use live rock, that is another reason why i have lights on 24/7 for my aquariums, the poor fish do not sleep as we do, they sort of lay there in a trance, not actually sleeping but many will feed you rubbish on fish supposedly sleeping, fish tanks and night dives, you learn quite a bit.

In the tank the ones who can not get up high, the poor beggars get walked on, prodded, stabbed, pinched, rubbed, its all so stressful that they sometimes leap out or get hurt on corals and or anems at night not knowing where the hell they are going and by morning they are really stressed.

At night, from your “live rock”, it’s like a whole new world roaming around terrifying your fish and other reef life!

Its funny in my tanks, my main lights go out and the very weak one s behind are on, so my fish and what ever head to the back to carry on annoying each other,lol.

Read this and you will realise in part why I get so much flack, its totally correct, works fantastic but so “not” mainstream!

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Wow lights on 24/7 your misses must love you when the power bill rolls in haha

lol, nah she knows I will find the cheapest way to do anything with the hobby.

The lights “that are on when displays are off” are only three two foot ten watt led fluoro lighting at the rear of my tanks that doubles as lighting for my algae area and night lights for the tanks.

Before that I found how amazingly well this worked at reducing stress to fish with just a small 20-watt bulb.

Tanks 11pm


Store/fish room 11pm


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