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Notes after having my 1st marine for few months

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Hi all,

I jumped to marine after swapping a deal in QLDAF as usual, trade my extra CO2 gear for a tank, bring it home, fill it up and start reading and asking questions. Usual actions of normal fish keepers/noobs.

The tank is ocean free 90L with built in sump and led light.

I got a clown and then another one and 2 chromis in a live rock deal, nothing dead yet including a star fish, some frags, 4 snails (see 2 more small snails, do they breed?)

So, for marine in my limited experience, quick start is to use old sand and buy some nature water from a sponsor here. You will not need to go through the long nitrate cycles. Remember to rinse the old sand in ney bought water.

Mistaked or lessons learnt: dont rush and try to read but how you can when rushing buy lol

so it is not a problem, just ask ppl here and do more reading ;)

1.Nitrate high: old carbon, old chemipure-> ask questions here and replace chemipure and replace carbon by nitragaurd from a wellknown sponsor here -> fixed (nitragaurd will take care of phosphate too)

i dont put a lot, but only 2cubes from start and will put more when required.

2.hair aglae: light were too long for 12hrs -> reduce to 5hrs and manually brush the hair algea off, they are not growing back quickly and it is a good sight. Will manually remove all possible hair algea this weekend and see how I go.

3. Noise: air pump noise is crazy for a small built in skimmer, it is effective but too noisy -> replace by a hangon skimmer -> quieter.

the internal pump still a little noisy, will need to find a replacemt if I can otherwise all stuffs are good.

4.water change cost: Salt is just a little bit cheaper, but need to mix so hassle. To me, it should only be for backup.

Buying NSW from a sponsor is more cost effective for my nano with only 20l replacement per week (for fixing hair algea) getting your water maybe cheaper but it is hassle as well, suggest only when you have big tanks (>400L)

next plan after my long holiday is to fully get rid of hair algea and getting more easy coral or inverts

of course read more

i hope to write a marine tank journal in my next tank to help ppl like me, keeping fresh water for years but afraid of the cost and maintenance of a marine tank to dare to try :)

But I can assure you, it is similiar to a planted tank, even easier as making a hard plant turn red is much harder then keeping a coral.

and we all can run nice marine under budget with the aim below

2weekly water change

6month chemipure replacement

Frozen fish food

electricity for light and heater

icebottle for summer in air con room

hope this help you atart a new marine tank today

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