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What Fish Go Well Together?

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What does this mean


It came from the twisted mind of [MENTION=89]borntobreed[/MENTION]hybrids It is a subspecies of lol, lmao, WTF? etc.


LOL Should of just asked my teenage son

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Somewhat interesting question. A lot of hobbyists start of with a mixed bag tank. Just throwing stuff in that catches the eye and see if it works. Many get into cichlids due to throwing in a cichlid one day and finding it the only one left the next....

When doing a mixed bag the 1/3 rule is handy, or the anything that fits in my mouth is dinner rule if you prefer.

As we learn more we start thinking of matching the fish to the water chemistry, and get more discerning. I think the one message I would give anyone in the hobby is to succeed remember you do not keep fish, you keep water. Almost everything we do is about the water quality.... fussing with conditioners, filters, waterchanges.... Anyway I digress.

Many progress to fish from a particular location, and the true biotype is the logical end point of this journey and a challenge to find the right substrate, plants and fish.

Species only tanks also get a look in as we try and maximise the outcome for one fish.

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Species to NOT mix together for a harmonious mixed community tropical tank: (I.e; don't add these species to peaceful community tanks)

Tiger Barbs

Serpae Tetras

Black Widow Tetras

Clown Barbs

Sucking Catfish / CAE

Salmontail Catfish

ANY non-algae eating Catfish that grows bigger than a Cory unless you have a "Large Fish" community tank.

Large Gouramis - Gold / Blue / 3-Spot (unless as above)

No Barbs that get larger than 5cm SL.

Cichlids - other than select dwarfs and Keyholes / Angels in suitable tanks {No Angels with small Rasboras / Tetras}

There are heaps more - but they are the common mistakes

Read as many books as you can - full of helpful advice on this and many other topics you have enquired about.

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