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This white stringy stuff killed my fish

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I'm so confused. What is this white stringy stuff in my betta tank?!

I've looked online and haven't yet found any answers apart from "white hair algae" which is apparently safe but since taking this photo last night, my two kuhli loaches have died :c They were fine and swimming around normally when these photos were taken.

As much as I hate betta's being in small homes I've since removed mine and put him in a bowl for the time being as that's all I have while I clean and concentrate on eradicating this pest.

I've cleaned the tank, done water changes and do not over feed.

The parameters are all reading just fine to my knowledge.

Ammonia was about 0.25 (a tiny bit high, I know but nothing that should kill my fish so quickly)

PH was at about 7.0

Nitrite was 0

Nitrate was 20-40

This white stringy stuff showed up over night and I'm rather concerned.

Please find the two images attached.



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What could have made my poor loaches so stressed out?

Please find a photo of the ammonia and nitrite readings attached. The ammonia is a teeny bit high but I would assume it's not high enough to kill any of my poor fish :c


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That makes sense. However, I have not moved them around at all for a while. They've lived in the same tank for a few months now :(

I did put another fish in with them all recently, could that have stressed them out?

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I've got it!

Finally, I've found the source of the slime!

My two snails were excreting huge amounts of slime for seemingly no reason. I have since moved them to my 4ft tank and so far no more slime but I may be wrong about the source so time will tell.

I assume the poor kuhlis got stuck in said slime and possibly suffocated?

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