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Saratoga Leichardti

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Price: 150Size: 60cmQuantity: 1Sex: UnknownSuburb/Town: Sunshine Coast

Selling my Saratoga Leichardti , Currently 60cm.

Has been fed pellets all it's life, Won't attack any tank mates has always been in a community tank.

Doesn't jump, prefers too swim at the glass rather than most other Saratoga that jump lol.

Minimal 8x2 tank required too house it, bigger the better though.

-- Does have 1 cloudy eye currently from rubbing on the filter in-take-- easily fixed with salt, but has become a habbit as it clears up than he decides too do it again lol :frusty:

$150 cash or i'm happy too add cash + my Leichardti if you have a Saratoga Jardini that is from a community tank.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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