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Trying out some new macro lens

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After the nano reef was neglected throughout the hot summer months, I finally found the time & decided to lift my reefing game :ewink:

I call these my poor man's Tongan rhodactis - they still look pretty sweet though

19865832983_a73ba76081_k.jpgDSC_0057a by bugman2494, on Flickr

Clowns protecting their nest underneath the xenia forest

20460514656_c689e396cc_k.jpgzzDSC_0278zz by bugman2494, on Flickr

19864115884_b118bb6446_k.jpgDSC_0249 by bugman2494, on Flickr

20493052601_7e9872860d_k.jpgDSC_0029a by bugman2494, on Flickr

19864119494_1a7c31dbd0_k.jpgDSC_0042a by bugman2494, on Flickr



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Thanks guys. I'm using an ancient hand-me-down Nikon D80 with a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G Lens coupled with a UV Filter & some screw-on +2/+4/+10 etc. macros.

To be honest, I wouldn't have a clue as to what types of lens are available nor what settings give the best image. I'll put some research into it when I have some free time but atm it's purely fiddling around & sticking to the basic tips that my brother gave me when he passed on this DSLR:

-add as much light the object of interest & use the lowest ISO to reduce the grainy effect

-large aperture = shallow depth

& ime decreasing exposure = more detail?

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