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After selling my 4 4ft tanks due to size restriction :( I am now down to my 1ft cube with my shrimp and guppies and my 60g south American Tank. However it was time for a change. I have emptied both tanks and i am starting over again. This is what im thinking please feel free to comment on changes that could be made:

1ft Cube: Hardscape

Sponge filter

White Sand


10 White Clouds

3 Corydora

3ft High Display Tank: Some plants

Aqua One CF-1000 Canister


Amazon swords

2 Snakeskin Discus

20 Neon Tetra

4 Rainbow Shark

4 Siamese Algae Eaters

The 1ft Cube has been cycling for 2 weeks and the display tank 1 month.Please feel to comment any recommendations.


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