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why why why

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Why are my Hammers not doing so well? / dying ?......


This has been in my tank about a year now and was doing well up until lately.

Calcium 450 - 500

Mag 1450

Nitrates almost 0

Kh 10

Ph 8 - 8.2

3 Kessil Tuna Blues

Phosphates have risen lately from 0 to .03 so I have stopped putting plankton cubes in, other than that nothing has changed.

Are they starving?

Most other corals going ok, except for Helios which I have also dtopped feeding a bit of prawn regularly due to phosphate rise.

Frogspawns are powering on but they do sit higher in water column.

Fungia going ok too on the bottom.

Pehaps I might move them up higher?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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At the moment it is 24o

It may flucuate overnight down to 22-23o on those really cold nights

Tank is 5x2x2.5 deep

I am thinking being on bottom they are lacking light from soft corals that have grown above them slightly, so I have moved them both to top to test.

Donny no water current has changed.

Man, this balance between feeding and nutrient level is quite challenging... but I am still enjoying it!!

Oh and I forgot to mention yes there is a refugium in sump with macro growing and cultivating it regularly.

Along with Deltec skimmer.

I was also feeding reef roids twice a week but I have stopped with phosphates at .03.

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Yeh my hammers didn’t overly like the temps below 20c, though nothing eventuated due to no stress if any kind to add to the low temp potential stress, anyway at 22c every one is happy now and the semi temperates are cool as well, lol, cool get it!.

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Ok Thanks fellas,

I will leave heater as it is ( 24o ) for the remainder of this winter since its almost over, i would rather leave temp stable rather than upset things just for now,

For now i have relocated them away from Bubble coral and to top of reef to see if they improve, although they look like t i t s on a bull sitting up there......

Cheers for your input. :amen:

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Eventuated to brown slime disease

Hammers now in the bin......

Although I did take a "frag" of 2 end parts still alive.

I'll stick to Claws and Ball and Peins from now on

Roger that....


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Yer Donny I know mate, I know..

I usually only get it on me undies...

Seems it has gone viral, I suspect poor hygiene ,

Note to self.... wash hands before placing hands in tank.


You guys are sooooo slow,

You missed the opportunity to rearrange the spelling on "ball and peins" and subsequently trash my thread.

Shame on you all...

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mbunamad stay away from my threads you are a serial pest on this forum.

I have sent a PM to @gingerberr about your behaviour and I am fed up with it

Be warned!.

WTF? I have just pointed out there was no spelling mistake. You need to take a chill pill!

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