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Adverse Effects

my first fish death since i started my tank

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well i have been running my tank (30Lt ) since the the start of the 5th month and today i saw one of my guppys laying on the bottom

so i took it out and this is what its doing what is happening



all the other ones are swimming around eating the slime on thingsi dont

know what has caused it


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Yes the fish is visably swollen (beyond pregnancy swelling). With that in mind Donny's constipation suggestion would be a real possibility. I'd target that as a potential cause as the addition of Epsom Salts will not hurt your other fish. Could also be internal heamorrage. The eyes look to be bulging - this can be the result of haemorrage and is also a common symptom of a disease called "dropsy" however the scales on your fish do not appear to protrude outwards (the other tell-tale sign). Constipation is easily treated so I'd target that. What do you feed the fish? What is the "slime" your other fish is eating - it's not rotting food is it? Cheers

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i just realised you asked what i feed them

the girl at the LFS sold me this saying its the best out there ..... hmmmmm


i did a few tests on it like put some in a glass of water and sit it on the windowsill and test the water each week it would seem that this food can not rot it changed from a light burnt pink to a slightly lighter burnt pink and didnt smell or anything at all in 4 weeks it didnt even brake down at all just sat there as small granules on the bottom

the reason i did that test is because i noticed when the fish poop it is coming out and looks almost the same as when the food go's in

is there a better food?

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