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This algae astounds me!!

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To the best of my knowledge this exact haly form is like the Caloundra abalone and a certain dotty back, near only found on the sunny coast

Last year when the heat set in around November, all my Halymenia croaked, well I thought it croaked and then some came back once it cooled.

So I thought what I saw was it, I put in a couple of specific urchin species to knock over some annoying algae, they did just that but also exposed an experiment I tried last year at propagating Halymenia, that I thought failed?

It worked before, but this time it didn’t?

I did it near the same as I do with begonia leaves, but marine orientated of course and I thought it was working, but it all died late last year.

I always thought it reactivates, but after six months I had given up on it, now the urchins uncovered those two spots of what is a success!

The propagating worked beautifully with just the leaves making them blister with lots of manipulation.

This was it in October last year, the following pic is the once lush section on the right in the first pic then it all disappeared, to coming back.


Back from the dead up comes the new growth.


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