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WTB Numerous species of QUALITY African Cichlids *SPOTTERS FEE OFFERED ON SOME FISH!*

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Cichlid Type: African Cichlid Price: neg Size: neg Quantity: neg Sex: -- Suburb/Town: Nth QLD

Hi I'm looking to source high quality fish of the following species for grow out for breeding. I'm only interested in high quality fish. I will require photos of the actual fish for sale and where possible photos of the parents. I have a courier company I use that can pick up fish from virtually anywhere in QLD and deliver them to me. If it is worth my while (quantity / species wise) I may even pick them up myself.


*Pindani (Wild type)

*Greshakei / Red Top Cobalt Zebra

*Salousi MUST BE TRUE SALOUSI (looking for new lines to add to my strains)

As some fish are proving impossible to find I am offering a spotters fee of $30. This applies to the list of fish below only. Any forum member that can provide a lead to the following species that results in a purchase being made will get the $30 fee. Obviously it only applies to the first person giving the lead. So it's that easy - if you know where some Aurora Thumbi West are for example and I'm happy with the fish and make a purchase - $30 goes your way - free money!!

(N.B: where species are known by two Genus' I have included both to avoid confusion)

*Protomelas taeniolatus "FIRE BLUES" (NOT RED EMPRESS)

*Eastern Blue Borleyi (NOT KADANGOS)

*Pseudotropheus / Metriaclima aurora Thumbi west Island

*Pseudotropheus / Metriaclima chrysomallos Munbo Island (may also consider Nametumbwe locality variant)

*Pseudotropheus / Metriaclimasp. "Aurora Yellow" Lumessi

*Pseudotropheus / Metriaclima hajomaylandi Chizimulu Reef / Island

*Pseudotropheus / Metriaclima sp, "Msobo" Manda variant

Not often free money comes along so if you have leads why not get paid!


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