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Ocelot Swords (Ocelot Amazon Swords)

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Approximately 7 or 8 plants available. Plenty of root system. These plants have grown from the flower stems of my large mother plant, they're still attached to the stems and I'll snip them off for whoever wants them. The roots are just hanging in the water column. Larger ones are the diameter of a small plate. Need them gone as they're blocking light to my other plants as the stems are at the surface of the tank. $5 each - firm. Photos are of the mother plant and the cloned plants.



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Update: all sold.

Hi Craigo, the more light you give them the brighter red they become. All the pups are very red because the flower stem arches to the surface, so they're sitting under Dalua LED FW hanging units. I also run CO2 but it's not needed for these swords. It probably explains why I'm getting about 5 flower stems a year from the one mother plant though. I have pups from previous flower stems under fluro lighting and they're all doing perfectly fine, just not as red as under LED.

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