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Neon blue acara Tank mates

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10-20cm is the guid.

Tank layout plays a part in what tank mates, so are you planning a minimal scape or one with a decent amount of structure.

Options I can think of are, similar sized American cichlids like convict, rainbow cichlids, and such. Some of the larger cory sp, could try some larger swords as dithers may get eaten tho. And some bn sp.

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My 4ft was designed with Dwarfs in mind, so I have many separate areas for them in the tank.

The NB Acaras are 6 months old and successfully spawned in the tank, they are protective but not aggressive.

I have 8 Rams, Congo and Blue King Tetras a few Guppies for colour and they all get on well.

My male peaked at 10cm, the female about 8cm. I believe they are at full size.

Looking around the net has been interesting as these fish are listed as EB Acara, NB Acara, NB Nannacara.

Although they have the head & body colouration of the Nannacara Anomala, they have various diffences.

They sell in Melbourne @ $40 and are known as: Neon Blue Nannacara SP, they are a 2013 hybrid from Singapore.

I will include both fish to show the differences, but I am sure the NB Acara is not from the native Blue Acara.



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