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How Do YOU Breed Red Cherry Shrimp?

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How?!?!?!?!?!()()()():;:;:;-/-/-/-/////-$&$&$8$&$&&@&@&&&@"@"@"[][][][]{}{}{}}#}#}##%#%##%%^%^%^*^*^*^*+*+*+=+=+=_\_\_\\_\_\_\|\|\|~|~|~~<~<~<~<£<><><<>£>£>£€£€£€£€£€€¥€¥€¥•.•.••¥•¥••¥•¥•¥' lm done.

I think qldaf has another IT problem.

I am viewing a somewhat scrambled post by@ [MENTION=16237]littlebitfishy[/MENTION]funnyfkr!

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Bloody well forgot@! very important.
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I am the same as Peter m

Just set a one foot cube, Gravel not soil with a bit of gold vine and java moss all over it and a bit of riccia

I have one small sponge filter and heater to keep it at about 23 c

put a dozen in and now there must be 70 to 100 over a about 3 months

I remember reading that if the temp is too low they don't breed


This pic is from about 6 weeks ago but you get the idea

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So you gave them heaven. Interested in a more recent shot if you find yourself with one on hand :)

These two are from last night, using my phone i couldn't really get any good pics but may try a camera on the weekend

The little guys love it , front adn side pic , the Java moss has gone crazy and the Riccia going well too, but the hair grass hasn't really grown at all but i like it the way it is



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