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What to do?

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Well after a nice long time away from fishies I decided I would like another tank. Found a nice 6ft extra high came with fish and all the running gear.

Sold off the Americans that came with it, put some nice white sand in, went and seen Donny the Age of Aquariums and got Lava Rock.

Spent the last week or so getting all the fish I wanted.

Now the FX5 sounds like a tumble dryer full of rocks and as it was second hand I have no receipt of purchase for warranty. :frusty:

I don't know whether to buy another motor or an impeller or a cheaper filter.

Would I be right in saying this seems to be a common fault with these things?

If I was to sell it how much would I expect to get for it?

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Another way to do same thing is to.....

Turn off canister

Place output into an empty bucket on the floor

Let water syphon thru for a bit to remove air

Lift output and bucket up and then put output back in tank.

Turn canister back on.

Otherwise its a case of removing and inspecting impeller... could be snail shell in there or damaged shaft. Worth doing this anyway as may have sand in.... and yea clean impeller with an old toothbrush.

If you can get it running well.... keep it! But yea could sell for $200. Not running well.... quite a bit less.....

Check all connections especially on intake side. Thats where something may be loose and sucking in air.

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So I got sick of the noise pulled it back out & took the bio balls out, I thought this may have been restricting the flow. Left the other filter media in there, also found a lot of sand on the impeller that has scored the magnet in places.

Primed and now sound a lot better, not 100% but definitely better.

Thanks guys for your help.

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I had an Fx5 a few years ago do the same thing. I onsold it with a full tank setup (the buyer was well aware). I told him to replace the impeller assembly but I never heard what came of it. It was the same sort of symptoms you describe. Worked fine but sounded like a milk bottle full of rocks.

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