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Is a 360 litre tank big enough for these fish?

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Hi all. We have a new 4 foot, 360-litre tank and we've just added our first fish after having our water tested. We're hoping to add new fish each 2-4 weeks depending on water parameters.

Our first new residents are 3 Clown Loaches but our long-term goal is to have, in total:

5 x Clown Loaches

10 x Gold Balloon Rams

1 x A pleco (maybe Starlight)

1 x Rainbow Shark

I've tried researching whether or not that is too many fish for our tank size but I'm getting really conflicting answers. Obviously we want the fish to be happy and comfortable in their environment so if anyone can help us out with some advice here it would be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)

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What are the dimensions of the tank? Length by width by height.

A lot of compatibility often depends how the tank is aquascaped.

As already mentioned, the Clown Loaches will out grow the tank. They go well in a school, but grow big.

No idea on the Rainbow shark, but MY general rule of thumb is no fish larger than 20cm in a 4 foot tank. But that's what I am comfortable with.

When you say a starlight pleco, do you mean a peppermint bristlenose.

A website that I really like an use a lot for species profiles is Knowledge Base — Seriously Fish

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. It's very much appreciated. There are some great suggestions here that we'll look into a bit more. We are open to different fish, at the end of the day we just want an active, happy, community tank. My husband is on a 5 Clown Loach, 10 Balloon Ram kick at the moment so when I gently nudge him back into reality we'll re-evaluate and take a look at that link too :)

The tank dimension are 1200Wx500Dx600H

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