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Advice on building a FW sump

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Im building a 1200x1200x600H 10mm Acrylic tank and I would like to incorporate a 1200x600x600H sump with it.

I have some some sketches of how I would like to build it, but I've never built one before and I don't how it would go. Some things I'm not sure about are:

-what size pump I'll need

-what size air pump I'll need

-media to go in the sump and in what order

-what size pipe from the over flow box

I also don't really know if my overflow box is designed right, along with the sump itself..

Could anyone direct me to a site on how to build and design a sump for my kind of tank, or does anyone have a effective design for my tank, I will quite happily scrap the idea and start again. Nothing has been built yet. I work with acrylic so I can build whatever I need.

The tank will have live plants in it, and a about 20 rainbowfish.




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I have always been curious why more tanks are not made from acrylic. From what I have read it is much more expensive is this true?

Have you built acrylic tanks before and is 10mm thick enough for a 600 high tank?

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The DIY section has a great thread on sumps.

The first thing with a sump is, what type you want, meaning what media are you going to use.

So a fluidised sump, trickle tower, or submerged media.

The general rule is a mech filter, then bio, them chem if wanted.

As to working out pump size, that is reliant a lot on the size and numbe of drain pipes, and return line.

Also what equipment do you want to hide in the sump, heaters, reactors ect.

Have a read through the DIY section to get some ideas

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Also add a additional standpipe in the overflow box, consider dorso stand pipes for less noise and In case of blockage.

25mm is the norm for returns and drain. Filter socks are a giant pain in the ass unless using a few as the block up quickly, I prefer to use quilt batting and sponge.

also your sump baffles need to be low enough to accomodate water draining from main tank in to the sump during power outage and matinance,

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