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Optimum conditions for growth and wen development

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3 foot or larger.

No more than 1 fish per 40L

25degC and above feed normal but extra aeration

Feed food with good fat and protein

Earthworm and silkworm are good treat

BUT also feed veggies like duckweed, elodea and peas

Adding a bucket of greenwater seems to help now and again

The mystical slice of orange is also worth trying.

Dont let pH crash, bit of coral sand stops that.

Low nitrates help fish attain big size.

Most important part? Good genetics.

Knowing temperatures where fish was bred/raised can give you idea on how well it will handle your tank conditions. Chinese fish dont like our summers and thai fish dont like our winters.... not always that black and white but sometimes is.

I am no expert but i did breed a lot of oranda and managed to raise some nice ones..... and a lot of rather average ones lol Best results were with broodstock that was expensive.

Much of what you read is for fish in colder climates, but even there some fancies are kept in heated tanks to get more fast growth from them.

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