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For a turtle I would recommend a MIDIKANI 800 .

These are available from TechDen on the north side or Age of Aquariums on the south side .

There are many videos on you tube that will show you what makes them the best solution for your purpose and what makes them special .


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I'm on the Southside

Contact [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION]

He knows a lot about this particular filter and the shop where he works is Age of Aquariums - one of our sponsors ( and , if you buy there ask for the forum discount ! )

I have flagged his Id so he may pop on here with more info - That said I believe it to be the best filter for your purpose .

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Yea I am a sucker for those canisters. Another option is the tetra whisper style filters. Rf250 is currently on crazy discount and is a good option while turtle is baby if water level is going to be very low.

As they grow though, canisters do become the best choice imho.

Donny what time do you guys close today. Keen to drop in on my way home from work.

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I believe it is 5.30 on Thursday .

just copy/paste from their website

Email sales@aquariumproducts.com.au

Postal Address

The Age Of Aquariums

P.O. Box 1352

Browns Plains BC

Qld 4118

Shop Address

The Age of Aquariums

Unit 2

10-12 Webber Drive

Browns Plains Qld 4118

Trading Hours

Monday 9AM - 5:30PM

Tuesday 9AM - 5:30PM

Wednesday 9AM - 5:30PM

Thursday 9AM - 5:30PM

Friday 9AM - 5:30PM

Saturday 9AM - 5:00PM

Sunday 9AM - 4:00PM

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