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Hi All

I am new to this hobby of Marine fish/coral keeping and am having a dilemma with my clown fish. I purchased two that were together at the shop, so Im thinking ok they are mates so got both. Within a week one disappeared so I thought maybe there were nasties in my live rock so I tore the tank apart and dipped all rock. Got some nasties but nothing that would have killed a clown I don't think. So purchased another smaller clown to keep the other company, that too survived this time two weeks to have it "disappear".

So I have now found the sole surviving clown being horrible and picking on my new Chromis, ( I have three and the smaller of them is the poor bullied fish) While the lights are on they are fine and swim together etc but its when the lights go out the devil comes out in him/her?.

So I am hoping someone can please give me some advise as to how to put this clown in his place. Do I purchase another one but bigger than him? or do I leave him a batchalor/batchalorette?

Other tank mates are:

yellow head gobby

3 chromis

Turbo snail

2 small snails

2 Hammerhead

1 Duncan

2 morph frags

4 ft tank,sump,skimmer,LEDs, all tests ok levels..........Please help with some ideas.

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I have a ocellaris I think. Would be sad to get rid of Chromis as its new and one of three, then I would have to go and buy more to make odd numbers? Then would this clown also pick on other smaller fish?

Sorry but its all very new and I don't want to keep buying fish if this is a problem fish, or If someone has a hint on how to help my dilemma.

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So do you know for certain the other clown is dead? Could it be hiding somewhere (possibly even guarding her eggs?). Have a very close look around for eggs, because if she's laid them the males must guard them or she'll beat them up.

Any chance that you can provide a hiding spot for the small Chromis? Unfortunately female clownfish can be pretty aggressive. She may be chasing him away from a certain area of the tank and that's the spot you need to watch as it sounds like she's breeding or very close to it.

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Could explain her bully behavior.

We've had a mate over and he discovered some clown fry hiding out in a "cavern" created in the live rock.

I've also heard of a female clownfish trying to bury her mate and eggs in a hidey hole (possibly to keep them safe from their tank mates).

Hope you find the male and hopefully some eggs! :)

Let me know how it pans out.

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