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Star fish? lol

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This one appears to have an arm, a bit bent though, wrist, palm and fingers, oh I see, it’s a limb sea star, new species? Lol

At least each third dive I see a unique sea star, not species, just unique for that species at the time.


Oh and maybe a bat sea star?


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Just an old point and shoot canon ixus, the cameras in this range have very small underwater housings so most fit in your BC pocket, or with me I have wet suit pockets. I rely on the high speed settings, by that I mean if I focus on something then just hold the button down and move out and in, at least one pic will be good.

A mate Danny, inspired me with his camera torch he bought to get something myself due to such dirty waters these days; you need light down there.

The light makes so much difference it’s amazing!!!

His 1000 lumin torch that attaches, is specifically designed for diving photos with a wide beam and was over $200, so me being cheap I looked around on line and found a 2000 lumin torch for $12.95 that takes the 7300 ulra fire reachable batteries with a normal narrow beam and cut the torch down and reattached the diode right near the glass so now I have a cheap very wide beam torch and found a way to attach it to the camera housing.

The combination is amazing, when I shine the torch into complete darkness, the camera takes pics of stuff I did not know existed!

These tiny, very powerful led torches have changed everything.

Oh and the pics originals are far better then these, I take near 98 percent for the pics content out usually which is near all of the pic gone and quality is very low, its for use on the net, so you are seeing very little of the original.

Here is one, there was nothing there, well I thought there wasn’t, just way back in the dark.


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