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Pink giant gourami

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Price: 400Size: 35cmQuantity: 1Sex: UnknownSuburb/Town: Redland baypost-12090-14711634106138_thumb.jpg

Selling my gg... Will only sell to a big home and to an experienced fish keeper. She is about 35cm and has a bent tail. I like her bent tail but it is straightening out as she grows.

get in before grover ;)

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Hehe sold to grover... Cant wait to see her make an appearance in the fishy videos... She is instantly recognisable :)

Just to be clear...

You'll notice that I did leave GiGi & [MENTION=12090]Tristan[/MENTION] without any contact or offer for nearly 2 days -

I figured that was more than enough time for other people to chip in and offer to buy.

The continuing saga of the GPGs in the Billabong is to breed them,

so I am not hoarding them; so I will entertain silly $$$$ offers!

(Although, I'm not quite sure how to catch them in a swimming pool, if I do get a silly enough offer!)


Gillham's Thailand Fishing Resort has some great ideas...

Giant Gourami | Gillhams Fishing Resorts

Thanx Tristan!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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