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Aqua media CO2 regulator with Ista CO2 cylinder?

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Does anyone possibly know if Aqua Medic CO2 regulators will fit Ista CO2 cylinders? I was looking at an Ista cylinder yesterday but it looks like the fitting may be a little small. Where the regulator meets the cylinder, the diameter looks to be 12mm on the regulator side. If there isn't a direct fit, does anyone know of an adapter or cleaver plumbing solution?


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All Australian CO2 gear is supposed to be - AS 2473 Type 30

Which is the Australian Standard hence the AS .

Be aware - ISTA cylinders are not AS 2473 compliant and as such can not be legally filled in Australia . It may be possible to get the bottle tested and certified but I would not count on it .

Better to buy a bottle off a brewing shop that does do filling and get it refilled there .

There are a lot of cheap ISTA and other similar brand Chinese cylinders around - they are cheap for a reason !

Be careful buying steel cylinders for Aquarium use too as they rust (quite quickly ) and once rusty most places will not fill them .

All I can suggest is buy carefully , do your research - unfortunately Google is not your friend for this one , because it spews out a heap of American and Asian Information that is not relevant to Australia !

Aussie plant forums can help -

I found out the hard (expensive) way - this is one category where it is best to buy locally !

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Many thanks for your detailed reply! My apologies for not seeing it sooner, forum runner (as opposed to tapatalk) seems less than reliable with notifications, even when specifically set up!

Your point about Ista cylinders re: certification is very interesting! I haven't eyeballed one up close though i thought i did see some stamps around the collar but honestly didn't look close enough to see where they where from. I don't really want to end up in the same situation i am now with my Aqua Medic cylinder. I contacted the Australian wholesaler for Aqua Medic lines a while back. They said they'd stopped importing co2 cylinders years ago as the cost of certification wasn't worth their while. Fair enough point. They explained that their position on cylinder certification for Aqua Medic cylinders was that their certified to European standards, which they believe are comparable, if not superior to the Australian standards. Not an unreasonable position. They went on to say though that they'd found people with these cylinders increasingly having difficulty getting them filled without Australian stamps. And less surprisingly, they weren't able to offer any good news as far as testing and recertification.

I have being looking around at home brew co2 cylinders, in particular Keg King which apparantly are workable with my Aqua Medic regulator. I'm not super happy on their sizes though with a small around 2.6kg. Realistically, it would take me several years to use all that! Not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't see much point paying a premium to effectively just be keeping something in storage. Something more in the 1-1.5kg range would be more suitable. Back to hunting i guess, though after several months without gas, might be a little late for my HC Cuba!

Thanks for the info and tips, i appreciate it! :D

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