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WTB: Dwarf Corys

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Price: $10

Size: any

Quantity: 10

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Wishart

Hey guys and girls,

I'm looking for some Dwarf Corys, would really like some salt and pepper ones but happy with any at the moment.

Brisbane location preferred. south, east, west, north or center hahaha

Cheers :)

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Down stream aquatics now [MENTION=5418]thatsright99[/MENTION],

They are corydoras pygmyatus.

[MENTION=12412]SPA50[/MENTION] if you find some hasbrosus that you don't want let me know.

Cheers mick

He's only got pygmie fry now and I don't think they're ready yet, I was there yesterday couldn't help myself I took the whole breeding colony

He's also had A few hasbrosus there think they were $13 or $14 ea. Don't forget age of aquarium 1of the guys there. Paul I think his name is ,breeds hasbrosus

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definitely keen on only the Hastatus now guys, if any of you come across them :)

I did call DSA and yeah they told me some mongrel came and took the breeding colony hahaha. breed me some :P

LOL I been waiting and saving for them a long time mate and it was only by chance I got this lot,Steve told me afew weeks back they were coming in,so when I saw them Thurday I have to have them

Anyway if your keen on some juvies and can wait till the end of November I should have some by then as Steve is going to get some info off the breeder for me,but will only be selling them in lots of 5 or more , smaller numbers would be cruel in my view,

will also be putting a small shoal of otto's in with them as I read that the 2 are breed together in the same tank quite successfully.

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