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Hello fish lover friends

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Just wanted to introduce myself. Loving reading all the discussion and info on here!

I have a 3yr old tiger Oscar. I have just upgraded to a 4ft tank. I've made the stand myself. I've made a small DIY sump with an overflow system I made out of PVC piping. It is working very well so far. Also need to build in some bracing and a lid as this was a second hand tank from gumtree without any.

Currently soaking some driftwood to be added in soon.

Has anyone had any luck with keeping any plants with oscars?


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It tends to be a bit of a hit and miss with them. They like to redecorate as you most likely know so just depends on the individual I guess. Just try it with some cheap plants buried in the gravel and maybe attach some to your driftwood and see if they last or not. Keep us posted!

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My oscar liked the elodea...so much so he did a lap with it in his mouth...I have duck weed..more for my severums and chocolate cichlid which share my oscars tank..but it also provides them some cover from the light...suppose to be helpful with reducing nitrates as well...welcome to the forum.

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