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I had that filter. I say had because I now only use the pump out of it for water changes...I no longer use it as a canister. Are you just using all the foam pads that came with it or have you changed the configuration/set up at all? I stopped using it because of the propensity for stuff to collect under bottom layer of foam. I have not had issues with my pump and it is still as strong as the day I bought it...it can be a s h i t of a canister to put back together after cleaning ...I got it around the wrong way a few times before I made marks on it with a sharpie to ensure I got it right...are you sure you have it around the right way?...it will work even if you align the in and out the wrong way round....but the pump will appear to be not working properly.

I found that it is a good idea to remove the hoses and flush them out...there is a lot of stuff that remains inside of them and when you turn pump back on it blows out and back into the tank....the last thing I tried, before I decided I'd had enough, was to leave out the very bottom layer of foam and just threw in a bunch of ceramic noodles instead...this improved water flow as well...but ultimately I just got sick of wrestling with it...

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