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Fish Junkie

Pet City. WOW

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Went to Pet City on Sunday ( don't get over that way much )

was really impressed with the American section

normally just have the run of the mill fish but this time

Wood cats


Uaru (but out of stock)

Red hooks

Bass mono

Acara electric blue

just what I can remember

shops nice and clean as well as tanks and fish are nice and healthy

if you haven't been for awhile it's worth a drive


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[MENTION=1584]Fish Junkie[/MENTION]

Do ya remember the size & price of the red-hooks by any chance ?

--do they bloody eat plants aka anubias like silverdollars and tinfoils do-- ?????

Yes I think they were $70 each but $200 for four which is $50 each

They do eat plants they are in the silver dollar family


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