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Fluval Nano and 1ft with LOTS of accesories

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Condition: UsedPrice: 100Willing To Ship: Nolocation: Eight Mile Plainspost-11700-14711634136145_thumb.jpg

Have the following for sale, pick-up only.

- 1ft tank (pictured) c/w Eheim heater, Aquaclear 20, small stand. Has java fern (needle leaf and common), few types of crypts plus a few others. Has 2 x ember tetras, 5 x pygmy cory and a heap f cherry shrimp

- Water test kit (hardly used)

- Fluval nano shrimp tank with light and filter (pictured)

- tweezers and scissors

- Water conditioner

- Lots of food, fertilisers

- spare heater

- spare filter media

Please call on 0405 127 030




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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