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Sera Viformo - its backkkkk.

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With the change in the distributors in Australia for Sera presented an issue with getting Sera Viforma back in the country and to cut a long story short it is finally back.

We have the smaller size packs already in stock but the larger only arrived this afternoon and should have it in the system in the morning.

If your into catties it is one of my favourites and used it all the time when I was breeding L's.


Here is the link for the larger 1.4kg bucket for more info

Sera Viformo 5400 Tabs 1.4Kg is a healthy pellet for bottom dwellers like Catfish and Loaches.

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[MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] , any chance of them getting the sera "fishtamin" techy ?

Have added it and there is currently no stock available with the supplier - but is that the product that you really really really want - there is the New Era Enrichment...


Oh and while I am at it look what we got in...

AZOO Arowana Vitamins 500ml


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