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It’s a haly and a haly pod?? lol

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I put in a small section of an algae last year, now its fifty times is original size and silly me, when it was tiny I thought was a variation of capensis, it wasn’t!

The other day I took it out to clean it and it is sort of slimy and there was the other tell tail of a haly, being blisters that only form on Halymenia when it is ready to multiply or rejuvenate!

You can get it to do this via a bit of manipulation, but this one got through the heat and thrived, the beautiful sunny coast local one croaks at 25c to 26c, by that I mean it drops its foliage, this one powered through.

So it looks like I might break off a few blisters and put it around the tank, I can’t find its actual name, but I have found it on the net and some folks use this one around the world and I have found it to be harmless and non invasive so, another haly gets going.

The more common one sold in bris stores, I don’t like it and it’snot very interesting and I see it all the time, very common on the Moreton bay for shore, but this one, we will see.

Oh and the local amphipod likes it so much it took to being red in colouration? I used a magnifying glass on it; it is the same as our endemic species, just quite red! The one in the pic is the largest of all the red dots buzzing around in the bowl, this one is black and red, the others are totally red which makes this one an adult i would assume.

Blisters or in horticulture terms, bulbs.






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Hey africancichlids, I found a pic of the amphs weapon, our local guy has a whopper of this thing, don’t worry its for territorial and breeding issues, our local big guy is a herbivore, that being said it has been known to eat the corals symbiotic algae, usually just xenia I hear cops it, but I have never had this happen, that I could see, lol.

Its not actually categorised as a weapon, but you should see them fight with them!

I have seen one big one kill 5 in seconds!


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