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Awesome 8x2x2 system with sump and huge display piece of driftwood

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Condition: UsedPrice: 1000Willing To Ship: Nolocation: WilstonIt is with great sadness I have decided to advertise my 8ft system ahead of moving house in a few weeks. Ultimately if I could keep the system I would, but it's shaping up to be more than I'm able to handle. I have the 30cm Mangrove Jack and 30cm pleco also advertised and these will obviously have to go before the tank will be available.

The photos tell most of the story and everything you see is included in the sale. Here is a brief list of items included:

1. 8x2x2ft tank in relatively good condition drilled with 4x bulkheads. Back of tank painted black.

2. Cabinet and hood

3. 4ft sump underneath fully plumbed with bulk bioballs

4. 300 watt Hagen heater

5. 2000lph pump

6. 1200lph internal filter

7. Jebao WP-40 wavemaker

8. 60kg riverbed gravel

9. Enormous 4x2ft display piece of driftwood.

There is a whole heap of other accessories included that will all be included in the sale. Best to take a look at the photos and if you're interested and have any questions just let me know.

As I mentioned earlier, the tank currently has a 30cm Mangrove Jack and 30cm pleco which need to go before I can sell the tank. However, if you are interested in taking the entire package with fish included I will do the whole lot for $1200.

The lights in the tank at the moment are 4x 20w LED spotlights I wired up myself. Given the potential liability of homemade electrical work around water I will not be including these in the sale. I am happy to throw the LEDs in, but will be dismantling the wiring beforehand.

Lastly, for links to the two fish I have for sale, refer to the following links:

Mangrove Jack: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qld-other-fish-trader-classifieds-116/30cm-mangrove-jack-sale-124280/

Pleco: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qld-catfish-trader-classifieds-114/30cm-common-pleco-124281/

For questions of pic request please contact me on 0405 313 309






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Thanks Kerrie,

Sorry guys, the tank is no longer for sale. I managed to move the fish on much faster than I was expecting, which gives me time to break the tank down and move it. Also, having no fish means I can take my time setting it back up again and decide what I'm putting in it. Really glad things worked out as I didn't really want to have to sell this.

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