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Female bocourti

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Cichlid Type: American CichlidsPrice: NegotiableSize: Bigger the betterQuantity: 1 but will happily take moreSex: FemaleSuburb/Town: Can travelHi guys, have found myself a nice male bocourti... Now i just need to find him a female so we can get these back out into the market... If anyone has one please pm me, would love to buy it but even if you just want to pit it in a breeding program then we can work something out :) i have cash waiting and am willing to travel.


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Not 100% sure on the sex but I do have these 2 at about 30cm and suspect female by behavior but am no expert. Originally had 4 but let go of 2 a while back so just have these 2 left. Their colour isn't showing as much normal as I just turned on the light to get the pic for you. I have had these since they were small so am not really wanting to let them go but if you can't find any others let me know as they are one of my favorite fish and it would be a shame if there were not too many around.



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