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Hartwegi and Synodontis

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Cichlid Type: American CichlidsPrice: Hartwegi $75, Synodontis $50 or $100 for bothSize: Both greater than 15 cmQuantity: 1 eachSex: FemaleSuburb/Town: Mountain CreekNeed to sell as I need to use the tank to house a turtle that has outgrown a smaller tank. Not 100% sure on both species so this is a best guess. Prices are negotiable.



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I think I got it from a Best Friends pet store, being sold as a Synspium. She did breed with my male Synspilum I had quite a few times but she would eat all the fry within a couple of days of hatching.

Are these prices reasonable or am I asking to much? Would like to sell them sooner rather than later.

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Yeah it's got Hartwegi shape and spots on face but Synspilum colours

I'd say it's a crossbreed and should be sold as such

Just trying to give some friendly advice so it's not bred in the wrong gene pool

Prices are about right. Obviously if there not selling you can always drop a bit

And don't panic there's a lot of crossbreed lovers on here and she's an interesting mix for sure


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