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Black spots on plants

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Hi everyone.

In the last few days we have been noticing small black spots on leaves of our aquarium plants. They are on the wisteria, pennywort and the java fern. The tank is a 40G with a dirt substrate (1 inch) capped with pea grevel (1 inch) and a small section of sand for the corydoras to enjoy. The tank was left to cycle naturally. When the reading was 0 ammonia the fish were added... gradually over a period of several weeks.

The inhabitants are 5 corydoras, 1 female betta, 2 small angelfish, a mix of tetras and some guppies...I have had some female pregnant guppies dying lately as well with no apparent injuries (related?)...the tank is filtered by a hamburg matten filter.

The light source is pretty ghetto, being a desk lamp with a 6500k 40watt led light. The light is on 10 hours per day. I have not experienced any algae problems but am wondering if this is algae?....There is also a covering of duckweed at the surface. Plants have been growing slowly but okay for a while but are now looking as though something has changed and they appear to be struggling. The pennywort has bottom leaves dying. The only plant that seems comfortable is the elodea (but that could probably grow anywhere..even on the moon if it had to)...

I do 30% water change each week and have been using prime as water conditioner.

the water temp is 26c

Ammonia 0

Nitrites 0

Nitrates 5-10 (after water change today)

pH is 6.8 ...out of my tap it is 7.6 but I have IAL behind the filter and driftwood.

I have not used any fertilizers or co2.

I am not using any aeration apart from the agitation that the HMF output pipes provide at the surface.

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