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Umbee fan

My male Cherry King and RD pair

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had him 5 months or so got him at 1.5 inches, hes now about 6-7 inches lip to tail so still a baby but hes fertile already, id say he still has a lot of growing and colour changing too go yet. any flowerhorn breeders or keepers to give there thoughts are more than welcome.

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Mine has darken due to the black sand and black background. Some photos below of when he was a little tacker to now, and from being in a a tank with white sand to black sand. He is currently around 7 inches long at the moment and has a lot moregrowing to do also.

Your flowerhorn has a lot of red and yellow in it, I wouldnt be surprised if it has a bit of golden monkey in it!

Very nice pair though.. Im thinking of getting a nice female of some sort to breed with mine.






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