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fish AUCTION Saturday 5th SEPT

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The other thread is pretty much just Graeme letting people know that it is on and trying to get people involved an get people to put fish into the auction .

I will be there , I am a member it is expected . I am pretty stuffed up but I will do what I can if needed . If not needed - will probably sit around an spend money .Either way it helps the club !

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yer that pony-tail said I just wont know what fish r going to b there so I know if to go or not

It is near impossible to know what fish are going to be there , as quite often people turn up at the last minute with fish and put them in .

There is usually something there for everybody - you don't know unless you go . Generally the more buyers and sellers we can get the better the night .

Too many sellers not enough buyers - prices are stupidly low and sellers do not want to come back .

Too many buyers not enough sellers - prices are OK but not enough variety and buyers don't bother coming back .

So we need as many people both buyers and sellers to turn up ,

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what kind of fish

Aussie Rainbows

Some very small Firemouths

Some Kribensis

And Albino Bristlenose

Not all mine some my daughters .

I also have Crimson spot rainbow coming out the wazoo but no one wants them for free so not worth the bother , I would not get enough for them to cover the cost of the bags .

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