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Another battle for space beneath the sea.

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Near everywhere at each dive will you see a battle for existence, if you are looking?

From whales eating whales at the top of the chain way down to to protists fighting to the death, its all about death in the ocean, it looks so beautiful but its much more then that

Who will eventually win this one, unless and sponge eater comes along, I put my money on the sponge!


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I so want to get into divining or atleast go collect somewhere close to the waters edge like a rock pool or something. Any spots on the bay

Yeh heaps and being that I do not protect for a group anymore some of what I know and was passing on limited spots, I will let go of a few things that are not of any interest to me any more, I don’t collect much any more, what are you wanting to look at or collect?

Just be aware that in a marine park there are rules as with any where else, different rules to none marine parks areas, but still laws to be aware of!

As I always say, not everyone will do the exact right thing by the laws in place, so if doing the right thing or not, but I would hope you would try to do it right, you look after the “habitat!!!” you are collecting in and show no one at all at the site of collection as to what you are doing in any way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked with licensed guys for over16 years, no way does every one do the right thing, lol!

Most average folks that speak out about activities directed at the ocean understand the oceans systems like i did when I was say 3 years of age and I didn’t see the ocean till I was 7 the first time I think, you get my drift??

Its funny but on face book the other day, on a blog spot there was som eone well known with fresh water fish saying about a zoa propagating mob over seas that it was great that it will maybe stop striping the zoas from the wild, lol,lol,lol, if that person only knew what the person who put it up there about the zoas does with local zoas striped from the ocean, lol, lol, honestly most folks have no idea, but think they do!!!

What you will do, if you collect, will inspire similar to the attitude to the dingo got my baby folks, that were crucified about it because they were a little different, that made them unacceptable to most folks, so mum kopt it big time!

What the??? I couldn't believe what happened to them,geez an aboriginal mate of mine way back when I was a kid in the country new of three aboriginal babies being taken by dingos from just folks he knew and he was very young like me, i left there at 11, we as humans need to know about, what they know a lot about, which is very little!!!

If any one questions your actions that they are destroying the ocean, lol,lol, show the idiots these!

Ocean acidification.

What is Ocean Acidification?

The life blood of the planet, phytoplankton

Phytoplankton Population Drops 40 Percent Since 1950 - Scientific American

How incredibly important phytoplankton is.

Marine Phytoplankton, The Gift of Life to Planet Earth

Atmospheric Oxygen Decline

Atmospheric Oxygen Levels Are Dropping Faster Than Atmospheric Carbon Levels Are Rising - disinformation

Source of Half Earth's Oxygen Gets Little Credit

Phytoplankton and the ocean carbon cycle

Oceans and the carbon cycle

Global warming links.

Rising CO2 levels are impacting the oceans and our very lives

Phytoplankton Population Drops 40 Percent Since 1950 - Scientific American



Deforestation Facts, Deforestation Information, Effects of Deforestation - National Geographic

crown of thorns


coral losses on the reef

Great reef catastrophe

population growth

World Population Clock: 7.3 Billion People (2015) - Worldometers


National Geographic: Eye in the Sky--Deforestation

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