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What a cute little guy and certainly worth a dime, lol.

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The little blue ring from today’s low tide walk, is only just bigger then an American dime, which is slightly smaller then a 5 cent coin!

There were the regular commercial guys there as well getting peppermint shrimp for the market that you guys buy, but I was looking for was a little ocy and Simon was after algae, not interested in what they were chasing, which are small and large anem, coral and any small animal eating nuisances, you know, peppermint shrimp!

As I was saying to the guys that I showed many of the collecting sites to ages back, the guy with the license in his name and myself were joking with each other that one day reefers will wake up to peppermint shrimp being far worse then Aiptasia that we get them to eat!

Hopefully reefers wont wake up to them too soon for those guys sake, when you get 200 to 600 hundred at a time, there is money to made off peps, lol.


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Yeh mate, just off cleve point, but wello point has plenty as well.

Every where has peps, but blue rings go deep during summer temps and they start in roughly October getting rarer as is with all cooler needing cephlapods.

I was actually looking for the little red ones.

There is an ocy that showed up in the bay around 12 or 14 years back, cute as and a harmless little red ocy that is not identified yet and what is funny is the last time the same commercial guys were there I gave one I found to them as I didn’t want any at that stage, now the guys are there again when i was, they go there for stock regularly and I couldn’t find any red ocys.

They like the cold waters so maybe its too warm for them these days, shame I will keep looking, I want to achieve the breeding of them being so pet suitable and not known yet.

I had one years back when they showed up, good pet but the first one croaked when temps hit above 25c in my tubs, unlike the blue rings that can go to 26c to 27c with high oxygen levels, best at below 23c though.

I have had three over the last 12 years or so and know their needs and had them produce eggs, but peps in the tubs killed them all.

They killed all my first two lots of red lines as well, hey we learn the hard way at times.

Read what I typed in here, its important if you go to collect!!

You see after 36 years of collecting and far more, you learn a little about the big picture.


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