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Shrimp fry protection in an IBC ?

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I have quite a few females now berried up yay!!

and in preparation for there imminent arrival I need to provide some protective cover for the shrimplets to hide in and be able to retreat to away from bigger hungrier shrimp.

They are in an IBC so am looking for ideas of what people may have used..... ?

Are they even canabalistic?

Shrimp in question are Australian freshwater shrimp-

yep your common feeder shrimp, Macrobracium Australiense :)


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If they are macrobrachium australensis, spelling could be wrong but other names are long arm shrimp or river prawn they are cannibalistic.

A cast net randomly dropped in the bottom, coarse jap mat, 20mm pvc pipe cut into craploads of small pieces, gutter guard, shade cloth or elodea as others suggested will work.

Think outside the box and I'm sure you could find something stashed around the house to use.

Is the ibc green water? You will have a higher survival rate if it is.

Cheers mick

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