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Daphnia reproducing in pond

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Well looks like I finally got it going. The Daphnia/copepod mix I got from Steve a few weeks ago, I threw into my corner bathtub pond, now looks like it is self generating. Looks of established daphnia in there and youngsters, amongst other critters. Just did a check this morning and all healthy. Will be throwing Bosemanii in there in a week or to when it finally warms up for the Spring. Plenty of tasty treats for them. Meanwhile, I will take a few cultures from the pond and spread them around my various vessels to keep a constant supply going as I imagine these guys won't last too long when the Boesmanii see them. I am trying an indoor culture in a one foot tank with a sponge and a clip on led. Green water in large water cooler bottles. Spread the risk around, hopefully I can keep these guys going, learnt from my past failures. Apologies for the quality of the image.


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