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Damian L

Free oscars

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I might have one here you can have, got a couple at about 15cm or there abouts and not far from you, actually I have 2 at that size and a small Albino red, you can have one of the 15cm ones, but if you want any more you are going go $10 ea on the others, or $20 if you just want the Albino red

So one of the 15cm Oscars for free or all three for $20 or one Albino red for $20, if I could get the wife to pick one of the others I have there would be another red, not the Albino though (the reds are good looking Oscars, just can't get the wife to pick which one she wants)

Got a bit of an experiment on to see how many of the big Americans I can grow on in my 10 ft together (hoping to keep as many of them together as possible) so need to free up as many tanks as I can so I can move quick when the battle starts, that or one of the female Festae gets big enough and decides everyone in the tank must die (exactly what I plan to avoid)

So if anyone else wants to jump in on the free (or nearly free Oscars, lets face it that only just covers the food they eat) then shout out.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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