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Where do corallines grow?lol, where don’t they grow! Lol

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A part from everywhere else, this is in my plastic rubbish bin dry section, that has corallines galore and the weird thing is it’s the flower species, not the flat variety?

There is no water sitting in here, that’s the whole function of a dry section, no media submersed, if it is working correctly!

The water flows onto a drip tray then through correct sized countersunk holes then splashes over media and out, it doesn’t rise, sit or anything else in here that will allow water levels to exist at all, it drains from the base so these corallines are living in extreme humidity and the resulting spots of water from impacting/splashing on my rollers, nothing else!

The drip tray has walls to contain and direct water through the holes as it should and drains at each corner if holes block once the tray holds over 15 mill or greater of water as a fail safe and neither are near these corallines.

Plus i clean the tray regularly so it doesn’t over flow the fail-safes!

Amazing stuff this flower variety, slim water availability and yet it sustains enough cal and mag to grow and thrive, in a semi dry rubbish bin, lol.

A dry section correctly made and functioning blows away anything else at gas exchanging and that is a naturally occurring simple fact.

As a gas professional said, way back when i was chasing info on how to best set up my home made calcium reactors and how to best use the CO2 from my leased bottles, nothing achieves gas exchange better then cascaded water and the best and most common naturally occurring cascaded water is a water fall!

Coralline, drip tray off.


Drip tray back on.


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