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Some breeders tumble Malawis eggs to get maximum numbers of fry.

If you are breeding for fun and not trying to make money then I would suggest stripping them at about 17 days as they are pretty close to free swimming.

Try and isolate that mother for a few days to allow her to condition herself if you can but not totally necessary, just gives her a rest from the males.

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There has been a big increase in the amount of people tumbling eggs lately. A lot of people on facebook groups tell everyone to tumble eggs, the problem is most are tumbling eggs from mixed display tanks and finding out when they grow that they are hybrids with no value or even worse, selling them as whatever fish they look closest to.

If you are considering breeding to sell make sure the fish you have are pure and setup a couple of growout tanks preferably using the same water as the main tank.

There has been a few racks of small tanks for sale fairly cheap lately.

But now that I've been side tracked I should get back on topic lol.

I use the white mesh breeding nets that suction cup onto the tank and a fine plastic strainer.

Make sure the strainer holes are small enough that the eggs don't fall through.

Stick the net to the inside of the tank, put an airstone in the bottom and put the strainer on top of the net. If you look around you should be able to find strainers that fit perfectly in the net.

Put the eggs in the strainer.

Have the airstone running through a control valve so you can turn the air up and down to get the eggs slowly tumbling, if it's too much air it will damage the eggs if it's not enough they will get fungus.

Once the eggs hatch leave them in the strainer for a week or three so the fry are big enough that they can't get through the breeding net then take the strainer away and put the fry in the net.

Sorry about the long reply but I think i got it all haha.

Cheers mick

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If eggs are constantly being stripped from female Malawis over the coming years will future generations of Malawis not know how to carry long term? A distinct possibility.

It may take a long time but is it possible? Yes.

Are we taking away what mother nature intended? Maybe.

I am sure someone will have reasons why it is ok to do it.

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I'm sure it could happen but it took a few hundred years for the mbuna to evolve and become as different to each other as they are now, so probably won't happen in my lifetime.

I have stripped a lot in the past when I had 40 odd tanks but after a while I had too many fry and not enough tanks so I would let them hold full term.

I also let them hold full term the first 2-3 times they bred.

If the tank has enough rock work there will be some survivors. It is fascinating to watch the mum looking after the babies and taking them back into her mouth as other fish came near.

Sorry for the thread derail [MENTION=15847]Fishbitz[/MENTION] but I'm blaming [MENTION=204]mbunamad[/MENTION] for that. Your a bad influence bgomf comf lol pmslmfao.

Cheers mick

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