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The little guys are keeping it “not so green”, lol.

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Some time ago I chucked in a bit of algae and stupidly introduced hair alga and turf algae!

It was annoying to use tweezers as in the past to pull it out from time to time so i put in these guys along with my tub cleaning crew land mine urchins and the green is near non existent and so far no coralline has been touched as well.

It’s not easy to find just little urchins, but with some help after an hour or two in the rock pools, its all good.


Their work result.



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Mate I don’t use live rock and run a carefully balanced semi eutrophic system that was solely based on bio and nothing else and for a two years now 90 percent bio, but I do chuck in some cal, mag, halogens, iron, aminos and the most important of all, a heap of varied foods that have all that makes up the needs for life in them and all that goes into the water for my bio life to convert, oxidise, what ever to all that is needed.

No one gets fully what I do, so don’t try and you would not be able to fit my system at your place, lol, its that not hard to do, to a degree, with what will fit in your system, sort of, but it would be a lot of work in a small area!

My system is over double the size of my two tanks that it runs and the water from it when I bother, I use as a water change for my tubs, and then back again, same water backwards and forwards. The tubs with just a wet section pollute it and the display system cleans it.

I have it ready all run off the one system but we are making a tree change soon so after we go there i will.

You know when you dose you are dosing algae/plant life only, nothing else!!

Fish, shrimp, etc and coral polyps which includes all anems, zoas, morphs, sps, lps, etc, etc, do not up take what you dose, unless you soak the food in it and they eat it, all that is dosed goes into the algae and it uses it, the coral polyps get near all their needs from what you feed them, the algae provides a form of glucose with a touch of vitamins from photosynthesis to the polyps and all anems, corals are the same, they are a polyp or multiple polyps, but each is just one polyp with algae on board, two separate life forms that are all just creamy/white, the algae is the colour!

There are very few polyp life forms that are of their own colours with out algae to make those colours.

If you want good coloured corals and your water is suitable, you are wasting your time if you do not dose over the long term, if you do not use incredibly diverse food types many times per day and both together is best, then you have to apply your self to handle those nutrients for your symbiotic life.

You can think water changes will do it, but all that will do, unless you do a complete water change each day, is prolong the inevitable, a slow one week to 2 year death!

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